Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beginning Again

Beginning Again

It's been a loooooooong time since my last post. I have been so busy, and my blog is just one of those things that gets postponed when time constraints force me to make sacrifices in my daily activities. I've found that when my life gets as busy as it is right now, it's not just my blog that gets ignored. I have been sticking to my real food diet 90% of the time, but the choices I make the other ten percent of the time have been indulgent comfort foods; I'm flashing back to old patterns. 

And I have the tight pants to prove it.


Well the good news is that I know what to do about it. If I get a package of Saint Patrick's Day cookies at a luncheon or a very nice young man brings me Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles as a thank you gift, just don't eat them! 

Hmmm. . . easier said than done! 

It is interesting how we rationalize our choices. I put on a few pounds over the summer and decided that my face just looks better with a little more fat on it. That is a true enough observation. Unfortunately, my body is an equal-opportunity fat distributor. It likes to lay its fat EVERYWHERE. The real problem is that as we age, we slow down. And as we slow down, we simply have no choice but to be more rigid in our diets if we want to stay healthy and slim. I've noticed that as I have indulged dietary whims, I am having more arthritic pain (now a constant in my life - Argh!). I have never stopped my daily walks (though an injury sharply curtailed my ability to run five miles in a stretch), so the increased pain must be at least in part related to my food choices. I wonder how much better we would all feel if we totally rejected all processed foods and ate only the wholesome real food God put on our planet for our consumption. 

So starting today, I'm back to making my daily food plans with exclusively healthy foods and tracking my daily caloric intake and expenditures. In an effort to determine the existence of a causal relationship between food and my general feeling of wellness (unscientifically, of course), I am eliminating food that wasn't available to Grandma and Grandpa back in the day for the first month. 

I am attaching my fatter face shot for future comparison. So this is before. 


 I'll keep you posted!

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